Announcing the Winner of the #ClubGolf Cup

The NCCGA’s #ClubGolf campaign kicked off for the first time in the 2014 fall season. Club golf entails much more than non-varsity golfers competing in highly competitive tournaments, it brings together students with a common interest of golf and builds great friendships.

From pictures of practice rounds to posts regarding a club’s traditions, the #ClubGolf campaign aims at rewarding clubs who best share their club golf experience through social media.

For the fall season, Iowa State, Duquesne, and Pittsburgh were the three monthly winners of the #ClubGolf campaign. All three of these teams went above and beyond in sharing what their respective clubs had to offer through social media. The three of these clubs are all solid organizations that have much more to offer to their members than just playing in regional tournaments.

After evaluating the three monthly winners, the winner of the 2014 fall #ClubGolf Cup is.......Duquesne!

Here's why:

Duquesne simply embodies what club golf is all about. From their club golf house to their successful #GolfStache campaign, the Duquesne club offers a fantastic community for all of its members.

As the winners of the inaugural#ClubGolf campaign, Duquesne will be exempt from team dues for the 2015 Spring season.

Congratulations Duquesne Club Golf!

* Cormac Kelly is the NCCGA's Director of Recreational Golf and a student at Ohio State University.