5 reasons why every PGM student should play club golf

Not only is the PGA of America the world’s largest sports organization, but it is also committed to teaching and growing the game of golf. One of the cornerstones of their organization is the collegiate Professional Golf Management (PGM) program, which is administered by 19 different colleges across the U.S. According to the PGA, the PGM program provides college students the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to become a successful member of the golf industry.

Beyond having the chance to play golf on a great club team, here are 5 reasons why every PGM student should play club golf with the NCCGA:

  1. Leadership – Students that run club golf teams are leaders on their team and on campus. As the NCCGA continues to be a well-known institution in the golf industry, being an NCCGA leader will be invaluable experience when looking for internship and full time jobs.
  2. Tournament administration experience – As a PGM student and graduate, you will be running hundreds (if not thousands) of tournaments throughout your career. Gaining experience as a Regional Coordinator, volunteer, or student leader with the NCCGA will provide hands on experience running events helping you in your career and job search.
  3. Networking – The majority of golf courses in the U.S. are eager for younger members. Since the core of NCCGA are avid young adult golfers, many of your peers will be future members at your course. If you understand what the younger generation wants in a club and a golf professional, you will be ahead of the curve and can add immediate value during your first position as a PGA professional.
  4. Tournament playing experience – Playing as much competitive golf as possible and competing against the best non-varsity golfers in the US is a valuable experience which will help any PGM student pass their player eligibility test. Every PGM student should play club golf to see how they rank against their peers.
  5. National Competition – The NCCGA is active across the U.S, so you’ll have the ability to compete regionally and nationally with other PGM students and schools. Let’s find out what PGM program has the best golfers in the U.S!

Are you a PGM students who is interested in joining a club or starting a team? Contact our Regional Director Travis Richardson at Travis@nccga.org.

PGM colleges with NCCGA Club Golf

PGM colleges without NCCGA club golf


** Kris Hart is the CEO and Co-Founder of Nextgengolf, which manages both City Tour tournaments and the NCCGA.