City Tour Championship – Oklahoma State University Team Profile

Continuing our team profiles heading into this weekend's City Tour Championship we asked a few questions to Team Oklahoma State captain Joshua Oestricher. Here's what he had to say:

Q. How did you get involved with Nextgengolf?

A. I was called by Nextgengolf right after the creation of our club golf team and have been an active member ever since!

Q. What have you enjoyed most about the City Tour?

A. What I enjoyed the most about the City Tour is playing golf as a team. Being able to play off each other's energy... one birdie early in the round can do wonders for your score in terms of confidence and play-making ability. When both players are driving the ball into the fairways and hitting greens, they can each be much more aggressive.

Q. What are you looking forward to about the City Tour Championship?

A. I'm looking forward to playing where the greats have played. I think it will be cool to walk the same fairways that Tiger has walked. Chicago is also a great city.

Q. What makes a good Best Ball teammate?

A. A good best ball teammate is one you have experience playing with. Just knowing their strengths and weaknesses can do wonders. Trust is also a big part of a good team. Being able to speak a thousand words with one look is a advantage we have, that a lot of teams probably don't.

Q. What makes your team unique?

A. We have all been playing together for a few years now. Most of us are juniors or seniors and have know each other since we were freshmen.