City Tour Championship – Never Lay Up for Drucker Team Profile

Team Never Lay Up was nice enough to give us an interview and we're happy they'll be joining other great young professionals at the City Tour Championship in Chicago this weekend.

Q. So, do you mind starting off by telling us how you initially got involved with Nextgengolf?

A. Sure thing. I originally heard about NextGenGolf through Facebook in 2014 when it was first starting up. Then, I spoke with Kris Hart last April about setting up the inaugural NYC City Tour. Unfortunately, things eventually fell through on my side and I lost touch for about a year. Then in early 2015, I was speaking with GolfMatch CEO Peter Kratsios and he recommend that I look into doing the tournaments this summer.

Q.We're glad things finally worked out! Now that you've been able to participate in the City Tour, what about the tour have you enjoyed most?

A. Firstly, it's nice to get to play golf with people my own age who enjoy some healthy competition. I spend a majority of my time playing public courses, and most of the golfers I play with are older. Not to put any of them down, as most of them are really great people, but I enjoy playing with peers who I have more in common with.

Q. Makes total sense. I'm the same way. Always nice to get out on the course and be on the similar wavelength with your playing partners. Qualifying for the City Tour Championship must be exciting...what are you looking forward to most this weekend?

A. The City Championship in Chicago is going to be one crazy weekend! Our entire team was excited when we got an email saying that we were awarded one of the wild card spots. We had specifically talked about how we are going to need an amazing round to get into nationals after losing out to team Big Booty in the first two events. Our team came out firing immediately that day, led by Matt Smith and Greg Stavrou, with an incredible 61 to lead us to our first victory of the season.

As for the course(s) Cog Hill has awesome history. They've hosted the US Amatuer, Men's Pub Links and Women's Pub Links. They have hosted the Western Open/BMW Championship 20 times. The long list of winners on the course include Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Matt Kuchar and Steve Stricker just to name a few. On September 20th they will be adding another great name to the list of champions: Team Never Lay Up!

Q. That's an awesome score! Actually, one of the best in the country this summer. So, what do you think makes a good Best Ball teammate?

A. A good best ball teammate, just like a life partner, is always there to pick you up. They don't allow you to get down on yourself after a bad shot.  They make pars on long par 4s and they always make a clutch birdie when you need one.

Q. Nice! Ok, last question, what would you say makes your team unique?

A. Team Never Lay Up has 6 distinct golfers of all different playing abilities. Situated on Long Island, we are a team of extremely competitive golfers all with unique backgrounds. We're built for success. It would not be surprising to see us hoist the trophy come September 20th!

Thanks again for speaking with us. We look forward to seeing you this weekend in Chicago and best of luck!