Making a Millennial Golf Career

You should be able to enjoy your job as much as you enjoy your hobbies.
One field developing as a career for Millennials is golf. Once revered as a “rich man’s sport,” golf has become more popular and accessible. Because of this, careers in the golf are opening up especially for Millennials.

What Kind of Golf Career?

When people say “golf” as a career, most people think about the players.
The image of Tiger Woods or Arnold Palmer – or Rory McIllroy – pops into their head, but there are far more careers in the game of golf than that of a professional player. Golf management, believe it or not, is a growing field led by the Golf Course Managers. Bob Bonney, a former NCCGA intern, explains how he leveraged that experience to land a summer internship with the Club Managers Association of America. The CMAA is the organization supporting the men and women who manage golf courses, and keep things running so the professionals and not-so-professional players can enjoy the game. Golf courses also have pro shops, PR teams and a host of other workers who make their livelihood through the game of golf. Public relations degrees can be parlayed into the world of golf with a bit of knowledge of the game. You will want a sports management degree if you want to get into the management side of things as golf management is a largely specialized field of knowledge.

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Is Golf the Career Path For You?

Once thought of as a sport for retired men, it has become a sport that younger people have been a part of for a while. The PGA tour includes several players in their early 20s, and college golf is a growing sport as well. According to current statistics, there are 29 million golfers in the United States; this includes leisure players and seasoned professionals. To accommodate the number of golfers currently roaming the links, there are 15,000 golf courses in the United States; of those 15,000 courses, about 12,000 are public-access courses. While many worry that course closures signal a change in interest, expert’s advice that that is not the case.

If you’ve been considering a switch into a golf career, there are a few things you will want to consider before making the leap. First and foremost, a working knowledge of the game and regular play is a must have starting point.

If you enjoy the game of golf you’ll likely enjoy working in the field, whether in management, in the pro shop, or teaching new players how the game works. While those who do not play the game do work in the field, the majority of those choosing a new career in golf are players who have fallen in love with the game. It is the perfect way to mesh together a passion and a career, advice career experts.

Career Changes

Finding a career can be a daunting task. The average person will hold several jobs over the course of their lifetime, and will switch career paths at least once. While many people site “seven career changes” as the average number, actual statistical data on career changes is not available. What can be said is that many people switch careers because they are searching for a way to turn their passion into work, or they are searching for a path that will make them both happy, and secure in their working life.

**Scott Gladstein started playing the greatest game when his dad took him and his brother when he was far too young to be allowed at the country club. The passion continued to this very day.