Golf Is A Sport We Love

#GOLFIS more than just a sport. It is more than competitions and winning. To me, golf is about playing a great sport with great people and having a great time. Others often overlook the game of golf, claiming it doesn’t take much skill or thought. If only I could prove them wrong more often.

Golf is a sport that brings what every other sport takes into effect, but focuses it in a different way. Golf is a physical game, but I strongly feel that golf is a sport of mental toughness. Do you want to know how many times I’ve stood in the fairway contemplating which club to hit? Or how many times I’ve walked up and down the green just to read a putt for bogey? It takes a toll on oneself.

Golf is a sport that has generations of history, celebration, and even heartbreak. But I can guarantee that for anyone who golfs, it is a sport in which we are happy to walk up to the first tee, stare down the fairway, give it our best swing, and pray to God that it doesn’t hook or slice. No matter what the conditions are, who the people you are playing with, or what your score is, golf is something that we love.

By: Andrew Hoang

Twitter: @andrewhoang1349