Worst Dressed Girl On the Green

When I heard that it would be a party of only guys at the Nextgengolf Boston vs. New York Ryder Cup championship, I thought:

  • Wow those are nice odds, when's our tee time?
  • What better way to meet my future ex-boyfriend?
  • This beats Tinder!

Before I knew it my alarm went off at 6am that next morning and the incoming text from my girlfriend read "what are you wearing". At that point, utter panic set in.

Not only was it too darn early for a Saturday, but I was trying to look hot and I hadn't the slightest clue of what to wear! I'm not going to lie, I felt like a complete fool in jeans and ballet flats on a golf course, but what else was I going to wear? Whether it was the beverage cart attendant or the encouragement of the other golfers, I managed to have a really fun time and I was kind of into the idea of actually learning how to play golf.


Where the girls at?

Determined to have a better showing both skill wise and aesthetically the next time I went golfing, I decided to consult NCCGA's own Laura Kanouse. Hoping to seek out some inspiration and guidance, I was surprised to learn that beginners aren't the only ladies who struggle with women's golf fashion. Here's the lowdown from Laura who made me feel better about being the worst dressed girl on the green.


Please Note: Laura & ALL DUDES

What is your go-to golf outfit?

Laura Kanouse, NCCGA Florida Regional Coordinator.

I usually tend to wear a tennis skirt with a dri fit polo.

What are a few of your favorite women's golf apparel brands?

I would say my favorite golf apparel brand is Adidas, but that's mostly for shirts. I have to shop around a lot to find bottoms that I think are actually cute. Also, like I said before, I tend to shop in the tennis section for skirts so there's not a specific brand I'm looking for.

Generally speaking, are you excited about the outfit you are wearing on the links?

Generally, no. Ha! There are only a few times when I think, "wow, this outfit is super cute!" I feel like the clothes are so bland. I tend to wear bows or other things to make the outfit feel more girly.

Do you know any other women golfers your age also struggling to find trendy women's golf apparel?

I feel like every women golfer my age has trouble finding trendy outfits. For example, I want to find a cute golf dress. Doesn't seem that hard, right? Actually, I have tried on about 10 different dresses, and they are boxes on me with no shape at all!

How do you think women's golf fashion can be improved?

I feel that women's golf fashion needs to reflect style of millennials. Currently, the trend is toward older women who dress more conservatively. Women's golf fashion should follow tennis's style trend of allowing more of a workout style of clothing options. The style definitely needs to branch out from the traditional knee-length skirt and boring polo.

I got bored helping Kris Hart, CEO of Nextgen, find his ball

Let's be real, who isn’t trying to ride around in a golf cart with friends, soak up Mother Nature’s offerings, have some friendly competition, and just generally enjoy life? This pretty much summarizes the game of golf. Certainly you can compete at higher levels if you wish which I’m sure would require a bit more seriousness and focus, but I’m just looking to pick up a new hobby.

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After playing golf for the first time this past weekend, I’ve decided to give it a shot. But what in the world am I going to wear? It looks like I'm heading to the women's tennis section for now but ideally Lululemon will hear this cry for help and come out with their women's golf apparel line before I take to the green this Fall. Stay tuned.

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