Colorado School of Mines Sieze Inaugural Mountain Regional

Broadlands Golf Course--Two schools showed up to the tournament, Colorado School of Mines and the Air Force Academy. Colorado School of Mines had 8 people show up to the tournament and the Air Force had 4 members show up. The weather was sunny with blue skies and the grass was green. The only complaint everyone had was that there were a million mosquitoes; everyone was bit at least ten times. On the First day, Logan Ward held the lead with a 78 (+6) with others in close contention.

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 The second day of the tournament had amazing weather. The players were ready for a comeback on the second day. Ward ended  up winning the tournament with a score of 77 on the second day. Laura Duffy wasn't able to finish the tournament due to an illness. For this reason, Colorado School of Mines had an automatic victory over the Air Force Academy.
The second Mountain Regional will take place at Thorncreek Golf Club in Thorncreek, Colorado.