I grew up in Scotland as a keen female golfer with an abundance of courses on my doorstep. When faced with the opportunity to live in Boston for a year, I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to afford to play as regularly. CGP worked wonders for me! It didn’t matter that I knew no one in Massachusetts as CGP connected me to the game as a foreigner and linked me to others in the area who also loved the sport. The student network that the CGP has created is unique and provides youngsters like me with a comfortable environment to meet new people and socialise with others who equally enjoy the competitive side of golf. Despite the lack of girls involved in the game, I never felt inhibited and from the beginning the boys openly welcomed me to join in the tournaments as well as friendly rounds. Although my 12month period in Boston was short but sweet, I have fond golf memories and thoroughly enjoyed my CGP experience. I will keep in touch with those students that I got the chance to meet through the program and look forward to the day that we see CGP venture across the Atlantic to boost student golf in Britain.

Katie Masheter, Northeastern University