Millennial Golf Sponsorships

Nextgengolf represents the premier channel for brands to reach golfers in high school, college and beyond!

National Partners

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As the cornerstone of Nextgengolf, National Partners are limited to 4 premium brands dedicated to supporting the next generation of golfers

Supporting Partners

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Supporting partners represent brands looking to reach millennial golfers regionally & nationally through custom activations

Tournament Suppliers

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Tournament suppliers represent brands looking to seed product for the support of Nextgengolf tournaments Nationwide

Who is in the Nextgengolf community?
Avid College Golfers
Golf Leaders
Golf Jobs
Technology users
Affluent Golfers
Our Reach

60,000+ golfers involved

500+ college campuses represented

200+ Events in 2020

Co-ed Events

Partnership Activation

Product Seeding

Direct Sales Channel

Social Marketing

Email Marketing

On site Activation & branding

Website branding & content creation

Our Partners
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Why Care?
NGF Number of golfers
NGF Millennial Golf Participation rates
NGF Golf Participation rate
NGF Millennial Participation

*2015 National Golf Foundation

Initiative-based partnerships

Women's golf

Healthy lifestyles

Financial education

Team travel support 

Pace of Play

Healthy eating

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