South Regoin a Favorite to Attain NCCGA Title

The fully redesigned South region is filled with a mixture of seasoned veteran teams combined with some fresh faces to the NCCGA. Spanning the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama the region hopes to become the power house of the NCCGA.

East Tennessee State returns as the presumed favorite after being a dominant figure in the previous South region. Experience has allowed ETSU to consistently post low numbers and compete at the national level. Kentucky returns this year hoping to challenge them for a spot in Nationals with their strongest competitive team yet. Other returning schools such as Vanderbilt and Tennessee hope to be in the mix with Kentucky trying to take down East Tennessee State.

Newly added teams, all in their first year with the NCCGA, look to drive up the competition level and give these returning schools a run for their money. University of Alabama, University of Auburn at Montgomery, and Tennessee Tech all have intentions of coming in and directly competing to win the region.

If I was a gambling man, my money would be on East Tennessee State to remain victorious in this region but I like Kentucky sneaking up on them this year providing a strong challenge. The season gets under way September 21 at Canyon Ridge Golf Club located just outside of Chattanooga, TN. Best of luck and let the fun begin.