New Role of Volunteers to Help at NCCGA Tournaments

In order to improve the NCCGA tournament experiences, the NextGenGolf team has decided to gather volunteers to help with each regional tournament. To further understand the role these volunteers will play, we caught up with Nick Heyrman, Director of Tournament Operations.

How many volunteers will be at each tournament?

We currently plan on having two volunteers per day at each Regional tournament and even more at the National Championship.

Who can be volunteers? Can non-competing students volunteer?

The volunteers will primarily consist of course employees, but there will also be student volunteers. Non-competing students are encouraged to sign-up to volunteer as soon as possible.

What is the primary role of these volunteers?

The primary role is enforcing the NCCGA Pace of Play Policy.  The volunteer will also help check-in etc. These volunteers will help the Regional Coordinators with every facet of the tournament. They will help make the check-in process run smoothly, guide players out to their starting holes, monitor pace-of play throughout the tournament, and assist the Regional Coordinator with scoring.

Will volunteers serve as rules officials?

Volunteers will not serve as rules officials. Volunteers will instruct players to play two balls if there is a rules question. All rules questions will be brought up to the Regional Coordinator and course professional after the conclusion of play. Even when players are given yellow or red cards for slow play, the penalties are not assessed until the end of the round when the Regional Coordinator determines whether the group played fast enough to have the yellow and red cards removed. If a group completes its round in less than 5 hours and 15 min, all potential pace-of-play penalties are removed.

Will volunteers receive any compensation for their work?


  1. NCCGA hat and a dozen Srixon NCCGA custom Z-Star balls

  2. Discounts for future Cleveland Golf & Srixon purchases

  3. Free subscription to Golfweek

Lastly, is it too late to sign up to be a volunteer?

We will always accept volunteers to help with the Regional tournaments. You can sign up to volunteer at a tournament by entering your contact information into the form listed on this webpage

Volunteer Here

I will contact you shortly after you fill out the form and give you more details about the tournament(s) you will be volunteering at.

**Nick Heyrman is the Director of Tournament Operations and will be assigning volunteers to each regional tournament and National Championship. Email him with any additional questions.