NCCGA Madness: 13 Regional Tournament Recap

The end of March brought the NCCGA Madness of its own. This is one of the longer NCCGA recaps, but won't be the longest. Nevertheless, the #Battle4Bryan is starting to take shape. All but four regions have now started their seasons. Once again the Regionals have proven very competitive. This next month will be full of great golf as we finish regional play. Here is the NCCGA madness from this past weekend's tournaments:

NCCGA Madness


Winning Team: University of Missouri - 756

Runner Up: Saint Louis University - 824

Top 3 Individuals: 1 David Lee-tolley (WashU) 148, T-2 Jonathan Rennard (Mizzou) & Eric Lester (Mizzou) 151


Missouri is still hot off a Co-national Championship. They proved they are still one of the best teams in the NCCGA with a stunning 68 stroke victory.


Winning Team: University of Pittsburgh - 793

Runner Up: Pennsylvania State University - 813

Top 3 Individuals: 1 Spencer Kuhn (Pitt) 149, 2 James Helgreen (West Viriginia) 154, 3 Mark Biondi (Pitt) 157

The course employees at Quicksilver Golf Club worked extremely hard to prepare the course despite cold temperatures. Their hard work led to a good course and fun tournament.


Winning Team: Georgetown University - 841

Runner Up: Towson - 862

Top 3 Individuals: 1 James Wolfe (Georgetown) 153, 2 Harry Stokes (Towson) 157, 3 Jihoon Hahn (John Hopkins) 167

Georgetown, led by tournament champion James Wolfe, played through freezing winds to claim the first regional by a landslide.


Winning Team: Golf Academy of America-Orlando - 740 (Scorecard Playoff Winner)NCCGA_Florida

Runner Up: University of Florida - 740

Top 3 Individuals: 1 Mitchell Young (Keiser U) 144, 2 Anthony Pasuca (FGCU) 144, 3 Tyler Segal (Florida) 145

This tournament was a dog-fight from the beginning. GAA barely topped Florida this week, so it will be interesting to see how the second regional pans out. Mitchell Young drained a long birdie putt on the first playoff hole to claim individual medalist honors.


Winning Team: Purdue University - 787

Runner Up: University of Notre Dame - 822

Top 3 Individuals: 1 Bennet Rieke (Purdue) 154, 2 Jason Plepel (Purdue) 157, 3 Luke Brzezinski (Purdue) 158

Big shout-out to The Legends Golf Club staff who did a great job on the course in cold, windy conditions. Legends is no stranger to the NCCGA as they have now hosted us in back-to-back years.


Winning Team: Michigan State University - 787

Runner Up: University of Michigan - 800

Top 3 Individuals: 1 Josh Heinze (MSU) 147, 2 Zeeraq Rana (Michigan) 154, 3 Patrick Colburn (Michigan) 156

Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center proved to not disappoint for this years first NCCGA Midwest Regional Spring Tournament. Two weeks from now the Midwest Region will play at Eagle Eye in East Lansing, home of the MSU Spartans. Connor Danigelis from MSU said, “Hopefully, it will bring us good luck.”


Winning Team: University of Colorado Boulder - 889NCCGA_MountainRegion

Runner Up: University of Northern Colorado - 1019

Top 3 Individuals: 1 Grant Vanek (Boulder) 167, 2 Kent Hiller (Boulder) 174, 3 Matthew Lull (Boulder) 182

Wind and tough playing conditions plagued the Mountain Region this weekend. No player was able to break 80 either day.


Winning Team: University of Cincinnati - 810

Runner Up: University of Dayton - 822

Top 3 Individuals: 1 Steve Schniegenberg (Ohio State) 155, 2 Nick Tenhundfeld (Cincy) 157, T-3 Aidan Javed (Dayton) & Josh Rinear (Dayton) 158

This region is one of the NCCGA's strongest. Cincinnati, Dayton, and Ohio State all have talented teams. Their second regional will be one of the best tournaments this season, so stay tuned!


Winning Team: Villanova University - 804

Runner Up: University of Delaware - 819

Top 3 Individuals: 1 Tyler Stahle (Villanova) 144, 2 Drew Taylor (St. Joseph’s University) 151, 3 Carey Bina (Pennsylvania State University) 156

Like many of the regions, the players' biggest opponent last weekend was the weather. Wind and freezing temperatures made for tough rounds, but players were able to grind out some good scores, considering the elements.

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Winning Team: University of Alabama - 791

Runner Up: University of Tennessee - 792

Top 3 Individuals: 1 Chase Hawthorne (Auburn) 148, 2 Daniel Stone (Tennessee) 150, 3 Dallas Vaughn (Georgia Highlands) 153

NCCGA_South"The talent and depth in our region is impressive and should make for an exciting second regional tournament as the #Battle4Bryan continues. I was extremely impressed with the scores considering the cold and windy conditions." -Chase Hawthorne, South Regional Coordinator


Winning Team: Baylor University - 782

Runner Up: Golf Academy of America-Dallas - 789

Top 3 Individuals: 1 Steven Collogan (GAA-Dallas) 150, Scott Terrell (Baylor) 151, T-3 Hogan Hudgins (Baylor) & Cory Pieper (GAA-Dallas) & Jeremy Salas (Texas A&M) 152

There was very exciting play this weekend on a course that demanded great strategy to avoid big numbers. Baylor currently leads the way and should be a favorite among NCCGA leaders. It will still be a very exciting second regional tournament.


Winning Team: Arizona State University - 768

Runner Up: Golf Academy of America-Chandler - 790

Top 3 Individuals: 1 Jack Hiemenz (ASU) 145, 2 Alec Miller (ASU) 149, 3 Alec Costello (ASU) 153

"It was a great way to start out the year for the Desert Region on a fantastic course. I expect for even better competition in our next regional in Albuquerque only two weeks away." - Andrew Slonksi, Desert Regional Coordinator



Winning Team: Iowa State University - 810

Runner Up: University of Iowa - 812

Top 3 Individuals: 1 David Stein (Iowa State) 151, 2 Nick Rouches (Iowa) 154, 3 Zach Knudtson (Iowa) 156

This is the first regional in the Twin Cities region history that wasn't won by University of Iowa. With the first regional being so close, the second regional will most likely decide who will receive the bid to Nationals.

Now with the NCCGA Madness in March coming to a close, the finish-line is now in sight. With two weekends and thirty regions to go, #Battle4Bryan is getting that much more competitive. Be sure to follow all the action as we Nationals are right around the corner!

** Jack Stephens is the Director of Communications. Follow him on twitter @NCCGABlog