Growing College Golf: Refer a Friend

We work hard to grow college golf at the NCCGA, yet the biggest way we start new club golf teams is by students sharing NCCGA with their own friends. For that reason, NCCGA's Refer-A-Friend this fall rewards our members for sharing the wonderful game of golf we all love.

How does it work? If your friend competes as an individual in the NCCGA, both of you get a custom NCCGA #PLAYER Vintage American Apparel tee shirt. If your friend starts a club golf team that competes in the NCCGA, you AND your friend will each get a dozen Srixon Z-star balls and an NCCGA Custom tee shirt. As of spring 2014, NCCGA allows individuals from non-NCCGA teams to compete. You can refer as many friends as you would like. To find out if your friend is already at a NCCGA school, see our map below:

Remember, you can only win if you are referring a new club golfer at a school that doesn’t already have an NCCGA team. We will have over 200 club teams playing this spring, and while we are thrilled with our growth from 50 teams at the start of the 2011 season, we still have fewer than 3% of colleges in the country playing in the NCCGA.

For those Club Presidents (CPs) and Regional Coordinators (RCs) out there, consider sharing Refer-A-Friend via twitter:

Think about all of your buddies who you used to tee it up with in high school. Many of them are likely not on varsity golf as there are only just over 10,000 varsity golfers in the country. And by the way, did you know that there are more NCCGA club golfers than varsity golfers in the country already? Let’s keep growing club golf;Refer-A-Friend today!

 **Got questions, tweet them @NCCGA!