Fastest Growing Club on Campus: ODU Club Golf

How has the team grown since last year?

We have seen our number of golfer’s balloon from 6 members a semester ago to 17 active members this semester, giving us the title as the fastest growing club sport on campus.
Since we have incorporated a weekly practice day, there has been more interest from people that are at the beginner level as well.  A huge benefit for us has been working with the local golf course professional at group practice who shows us the fundamentals and helps us work out the kinks for the more advanced golfer’s games.  A game changing moment occurred for us when we struck an agreement with Lambert’s Point Golf Course to use their range, chipping, putting green, and got discounted walking rounds for all members that paid club dues.  Lambert’s also houses the Men’s and Women’s Varsity teams, so we have a connection with other golfers on campus and occasionally play rounds with a few of the men’s team members.

How have you been able to build team chemistry?

Team Chemistry is important at ODU.  Some of the guys on the team all live together in a house here on campus that has been dubbed “The Club Golf House”.  As a team, we try to get together outside of mandatory events at the house for football pre games, and we try to have at least two team dinners a month.  With more than eight people joining the team this year and the change to walking instead of riding for the tournaments, my Vice President, Jacob Landis and I decided to invite the members that did not make the travel team to come and be caddies for the A-team.

What are your thoughts on NCCGA's growth and the future of non-varsity college golf?

I have seen and experienced the growth of the NCCGA over the past three years and I must say it is impressive.  Going nationwide is a great accomplishment.  The courses we get to play during regionals are some of the best in the area.  For example, we got to play Goose Creek Golf Course in Leesburg, VA, come to find out that Ben Hogan holds the course record shooting a 59.

Is the club golf team a big part of your college experience?

Well let me preface by saying, I have been a member of ODU’s club golf team for a total of six semesters while serving as President for the past two semesters.  Without a doubt Club golf has been important.  I feel the friendships I have made will last a lifetime.

What do you want to do after college?

I am currently a candidate for a B.S. of Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Aerospace and a Minor in Engineering Management and with my passion for the game of golf, my dream job would be working in research and development for any of the industries companies.  For example I would like to do an aerodynamic analysis of a new dimple pattern for the latest and greatest golf ball.