UNH Club Golf Runs Table in Northern NE

With another tournament in the books makes for another successful weekend for the NCCGA. On October 19th and 20th, the Northern New England region (which consisted of UNH, BC, and NU) competed in Goffstown, NH at Stonebridge Country Club.

The tournament began with tee times starting at 11:00 on Saturday. The whole course was in phenomenal condition, ESPECIALLY the greens. They were around 11 on the stimp.
What seems to be a common theme here in the Northern New England region, the University of New Hampsire came out on top with a final score of 785, with Boston College placing second at a final score of 815, and NU finishing at 840, placing them in third place.
The individual results are as follows:
8) Brandon Newsome (NU)- 165
7) Pierre Kerebel (NU)- 165
6) Andrew Hansen (BC)- 163
5) Ben Whitaker (UNH)- 160
4) Stephen Pfeffer (BC)- 155
3) CJ Konkowski (UNH)- 154
2) Dan Kish (UNH)- 153
1) Colin Barnea (UNH)- 151
If there was one flaw about the course, it would be the difference in difficulty between the 9's. The front 9 was scorable, and fair. However, the back 9 was longer, played more uphill, had faster greens, and had more difficult pin locations. It honestly played like an entirely different golf course. The shot difference was about 8 shots. Other than that, the maintenance staff did a great job preparing the golf course for the NCCGA and we are extremely thankful for the gracious hospitality.