#GOLFIS The Perfect Afternoon Date

When you’re dating Chase Russell (president of the National Collegiate Club Golf Association, public relations chair of the Iowa State University Golf Club and intern at the World Golf Foundation), golf is hard to avoid.

I got my set of clubs (pink, of course) from Chase for my birthday a few years ago. At the time, I laughed and argued it was more of a gift for him than it was me – an excuse for him to turn our typical movie dates into golfing dates – but now I realize that my own golf set was the most thoughtful gift he could have given me. It was his way of sharing the thing he is most passionate about with someone else, and I am happy to now know the triumph of landing a shot on the green and feel the thrill of sinking a challenging put.

Chase and I have spent many days together on the golf course breathing in the fresh air, laughing at each other’s bad swings and enjoying each other’s company. So, to me, #GOLFIS the perfect afternoon date on a sunny day. It is the best sport for bonding with your best friend. The one where you can talk and get to know each other better (as long as no one is swinging around you), or sit silently enjoying a beautiful sunset after a challenging round. While I may never finish a round of golf with a score under 100, golf is the sport I hope to play for years to come.

By: Jessi Wilson

Twitter: @TheStylishPrint

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