Top 5 Golf Commercials

So many of the lessons we learn on the golf course can be applied to our daily lives. It's a game of sadness, hope, glory, comedy, and perseverance; and it is always emotional (well, except for Jason Dufner). It comes as no surprise that some of the best commercials involve golf. We've ranked the top 5 for your viewing pleasure.




1) I am Tiger Woods

In Tiger’s first commercial with Nike, the name Tiger Woods does not refer to just the golfer but a youthful movement of golf to the non-white American lower-middle class. The irony comes at the end when Tiger swings but does not speak, and the commercial is concluded with a Nike swoosh appearing. One would think that Tiger himself would claim “I am Tiger Woods”, but the effect of his not speaking is to liberate the notion that Tiger Woods is more than just a golfer; even more, he holds a shared identity between his own self and any particular young golfer wearing Nike’s gear. I often refer to the the late early 2000's as the "Tiger Woods Boom Era". With commercials like this and his dominant success, in retrospect it is easy to understand why golf took off. I hope Tiger wins more majors not only because I like him, but beause when Tiger wins, golf grows.

2) Swing your Swing, Arnold Palmer

For more on how to own your personal swing, Bob Bonney of William & Mary has you covered.

3) Tough Choice: Bertha or Wife?

Would you rather get with your Callaway driver or your significant other? This golf nuts decision is priceless. And in case you weren't aware, chicks do actually dig the long ball...

4) "Did you learn anything" - Earl (after he passed) to Tiger

From first to worst, Tiger hit rock-bottom after his scandalous personal life was publicly exposed. Combine that with the death of his father, Earl -- the man who made Tiger, Tiger -- this emotional commercial couldn't be left off the list. In case you ever wondered how or why Tiger is so mentally tough, see the Nike commercial below.

5) Arnold Palmer Ice Tea

"That was awesome."

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