Chip In For Chad and Help a PGA Pro Get Back on Course

On July 9, Chad Dailey, the Associate Golf Professional at the Bayside Golf Resort, sustained a serious brain injury while conducting a children's golf clinic. After hospitalization and numerous tests, the doctors are still at a loss to determine the reason for Chad's continuing seizures and his prognosis is uncertain. For the foreseeable future, Chad is unable to work, drive or exert himself and this, along with the cost of medical care, has led to a difficult financial situation for Chad, his wife Carrie, and their two young children.

At Nextgen, we're all about giving back to our fellow golfers, and want to let our community know about Chad's struggles so we can help support his effort to get back on the course as a PGA Professional again. We spoke with Chad who was kind enough to share his story with us.

A group of kids were about to tee off and I told them not to hit until I was finished. One of them didn't listen and he teed one up with a driver. It hit me in my left temple which rendered me unconscious immediately. I fell down the hill about 70 feet and I don't remember anything after that point. It's just what people told me.

I went into seizure almost 2-3 minutes after I got hit and continued to have seizures on the way to the hospital. I spent 6 days in ICU. I was discharged from the University of Maryland at Baltimore where I continued to have seizures. They are still running tests trying to find what part of the brain has been affected that is causing the seizures. I haven't been able to work and have had to surrender my drivers license and it's just a tough time as workman's comp and insurance are fighting over who will pay for my medical bills.

While I realize my story is tough, I can't possibly thank everybody enough for the tremendous amount of support and gratitude I've received. Even their thoughts or prayers mean the world to me and my family through this difficult time.