Alabama club golfer creates viral golf video

Written By: Travis Richardson | @travis_richson

We've all probably seen it happen on television at one time or another or at least on the ESPN highlights. A golfer hits an errant shot, way off line, and it hits a fan. After checking that the fan is okay and not injured, the golfer will usually leave them an autographed souvenir. Most likely a glove or even a golf ball. It happened just last month to Rory McIlroy at the Northern Trust Open. It happened in 2014 with Tiger Woods too.

Last week a member of the Alabama club golf team had himself a similar experience, and decided to handle it like a pro. Freshman Noah Beatty hit an errant shot while golfing at the International Club in Myrtle Beach. The shot landed in someone's yard right off the golf course. What would a PGA Tour member do? Autograph a glove for the fan, and create a viral golf video in the process.

The video currently has almost 60 retweets and over 200 favorites, and was picked up by Golf Digest and No Laying Up. Beatty played in the NCCGA South Regional tournament on March 5/6 and finished in 8th place.