10 Essential Items for Your Golf Bag

There are a number of articles about learning how to play golf, swing tips, what courses to play, and where to learn. I have found that when new golfers start playing, they have no idea what to actually put in their bags. In no order of importance, below are 10 essential items you need in your bag the first time you hit the links.

1) Sunscreen

The majority of golf is played on sunny days. Many people forget to bring sunscreen to the course and end up with a burn at the end of 5 hours in the sun.

2) Bug Spray

Many courses are located in and around the woods, have beautiful ponds, wildlife and nature surrounding the course. Especially late in the evening and early in the morning, bug spray can be really helpful.

3) Divot Tool

A divot tool is a small wedge shaped tool used to fix a ball mark on the putting green. Every shot you hit onto the green, you should look to see if your ball made a mark on the green. If so, fix the mark. Better yet, when you are waiting for others to putt, fix others people’s ball marks on the green. Check out this video on how to fix a ball mark on the green.

4) Coins

Why would you need coins to start playing golf? When you are on the green, you need to mark your ball if you are in the way of one of your playing partners. Bring any coin, poker chip, or plastic circle to mark your ball on the green.

5) Band-Aids

Golf is dangerous. Just kidding, but if you hit your ball in the woods are often as I do, you can get cut and a band-aid can be helpful.

6) Rain gloves

Most courses will not refund your greens fee if you are playing in the rain. If you need to tough it out there on the golf course in the rain, your grips will start to get wet and slip. Rain gloves can come in good handy on those not so pleasant days.

7)  Towel

Do you have a towel attached to your golf bag? Golf is a dirty sport. Having a towel with you at all times can be helpful to clean your clubs after your shots. Towels can also be helpful for those hot days on the course. Just don’t use the dirty towel to wipe your sweat!

8) Umbrella

Another useful items for those rainy days on the course. Check the weather before you play though as bringing an umbrella to the course can weigh your bag down and is unnecessary for those bright, sunny rounds.

9) Lighter or Matches

Do you smoke? If so, this is something you won’t forget. You can make a friend on the course if they are a smoker and forgot their light.

10) Advil

If you show up to the course as a single and get paired up with uncle Frank and grandpa Phil, this will be necessary when you spend 6 tireless hours together on the course.

I hope these tips are helpful for players who are trying to figure out what they need to start playing golf. If you found this article helpful, check out another learning article on how to hit a ANY bunker shot.

**Kris Hart is the CEO of Nextgengolf and takes pride in hitting drivers on all short par fours.