Where Will You Tee It Up This Summer in Preparation for College Golf?

As final exams are ending and the summer is imminently upon us, NextGenGolf members will be going home to rural towns or taking internships in major cities across the country. Now, the preparation for an upcoming college golf season gets underway. While some may think that the benefits of  NextGenGolf are limited to our currently New-England centric course partner network, we are excited to announce that we are aggressively expanding our partner network around the country. So whether you are going home to North Dakota, Miami, Alaska, or Idaho, we want to know where you want to play! We want to help you prepare for your upcoming college golf season.

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Let us help improve your golfing experience; simply search for the courses you enjoy playing, like them, and we will call those courses the next day and let them know that students want them to join NextGenGolf. Courses can sign up in a less than a minute and no paper work is required, meaning that you shouldn't limit your selection to just one or two tracks! We currently have  750+ courses, with one definitely near you. So, check out one of the courses near you and prepare for your next college golf season.

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