What Golf Needs to Survive: College Golf

As a game that is a luxury item to most, golf rides the economic roller coaster just like any other industry. Golf's economy is comparable to many other prominent industries; according to Golf 20/20, the total economic impact of golf in America was $176.8 billion in 2011, approximately 74 percent the size of  television broadcasting, cable, and other subscription programming, and approximately 83 percent of the motion picture and video industries as well. Within the golf industry, the millennial generation, or Gen Y as we will call it, has increased spending by 27% in the past year alone, whereas all other demographics decreased by 20%.

So what should all this mean to you?

If you are apart of Gen Y, which means all you that play college golf, this means you deserve MUCH more attention from golf courses. Courses should be doing all they can to gain the business of golf's fastest growing demographic (YOU!). According to beRecruited.com, of the approximate 220,000 competitive high school golfers nationwide, only ~11,000 go on to play in college at the varsity level, posing a great threat to the number of active golfers as Gen Y grows older. Those continuing to play college golf reap their own benefits, but what about the other couple hundred thousand?

Even as Gen Y is increasing its spending, that does not put college students on the same spending level as someone with a full time job. This severely limits your playing ability, as you may have already noticed! Those playing college golf need to be put in the spotlight not only for their own financial sake but for the sake of the golf industry's economic well being.

College students have an impressive history of being "trendsetters". Let's take a look at Facebook: Initially, Facebook's target market was solely college students. Within a few years the social networking website spread worldwide, and is currently the second most popular website in the world. This is the perfect example of how college students can set trends; if the product is enjoyed by students, then the rest of the world won't be far behind. By cultivating the interest of this hotly growing sector, you can expect to see a bright future for the game of golf. 

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