Top 5 College Golf Trick Shots

Golf trick shots are trending in the world of golf, and no one is complaining. College golfers have been embracing the trick shot trend by practicing and posting their talents. Below are my top five.

#5: App State Varsity College Golf

Who said you can't golf inside? The college golfers over at Appalachian State took to their practice facility to come up with this sweet trick shot video. P.S. to the guy at 1:07, take Hitch's advice and "Don't do that ever again"

#4: Golf Ball Juggling

I know these kids are not yet in college, but their juggling skills were too good to not be included. I can't image what they'll produce when they finally play college golf. Give them about ten years and they will earn that spot at the top of the list. How the kid at 1:27 flipped that club is beyond me.

#3: The College Golf Assist

Two person trick shots are hard enough, but to get the right trajectory on the initial shot and the timing right on the final shot is incredibile. Not only did he make contact, he hit a nice little baby fade down the center of the driving range. Lee Trevino would be proud.

#2: College of Charleston Varsity Golfer Kills It

William Rainey might have the best overall collection of trick shots out on the internet right now. My personal favorites are at 0:13 and 0:34. Will is playing at the College of Charleston right now and is tearing it up. My one advice for Will is to work on his celebration. Hands in the air and the golf club throw is too cliche.

#1: 9 Putts in 1 cup


This is my all time favorite. The trick is so simple yet extremely hard to execute. To judge the speed correctly and not hit the guy in front of you is hard enough, but you also can't be the guy miss the putt for your 9 teammates. My one question is how did nine golf balls fit in one hole? I am assuming the greens keeper cut the cups a little deeper so they could accomplish this trick. Well done.

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**Tim Sullivan is a Sophomore at Providence College and Intern at Nextgengolf. Contact him on Twitter @Tsulls13