Head Rules Official: Matt Weinberger

Email: matt@nccga.org

Phone Number: 513-277-9992

Other Rules Officials: Arkansas State Golf Association

The NCCGA is thankful for the support of all volunteer rules officials!


Top 5 of 8 scores count towards the team total each day

Consult the NCCGA Pace of Play policy for rule enforcement procedures.

USGA Rules apply for all play with the following exceptions:


Proper dress is required: no tank tops, t-shirts, denim shorts, short shorts, cut-offs, gym shorts or jeans are allowed. If dressed inappropriately, the course can refuse the right to let you play.


Drug and alcohol use is not permitted at any NCCGA events. Using drugs or consuming alcohol during the course of play will result in disqualification for the tournament and league suspension.


NCCGA Media Staff and third parties are allowed access to grounds for team and individual video and pictures. All content is ownership of the NCCGA.


1st Place Team, 2nd Place Team, Medalist Trophy, individuals finishing 2nd thru 8th place receive 1st Team All Tournament Team awards, 9th thru 16th place receive 2nd Team awards.


Electronic devices may be used during the round as long as it does not interfere with the pace of play.

Yardage devices are permitted.

No slope and wind capabilities may be used.


No caddies are permitted during events. All players will walk for the Spring 2017 National Championship.

Team coaches (1 coach per team) can interact with the players at any time during the round. Spectators may not interact with participants during play.

Players may be subbed in/out between rounds 1 and 2.

Double par is the maximum any player can take on a hole.


If a player is disqualified due to signing an incorrect scorecard in round 1, that player may compete in round 2.

If a player is disqualified due to cheating or misconduct in round 1, they will be unable to compete in round 2.

The Head Rules Official and Course Pro have full discretion for rendering such rulings.


Inclement weather will be monitored by the Head Rules Official and the course pro.

If play is shortened on Saturday due to weather or darkness, it will be attempted to be made up Sunday Morning prior to the second round.

If it cannot be made up, no partial scores will be taken and it will become an 18 hole tournament on Sunday – Players will play the originally scheduled Sunday course.

If play on Sunday is canceled, no partial scores will be taken and the tournament will consist of only the Saturday round.


Course Yardage

6713 Yards

5378 Yards

Course Yardage

6852 Yards

5537 Yards
  • To determine the National Champion for teams that are tied, the 5 players with the lowest tournament total for each team will compete in a sudden death playoff with other teams that are tied (order of team play will be determined by drawing from hat) - all groups will be monitored by NCCGA staff
  • Tiebreaker hole order – TBD by course pro (order of play will be determined by drawing from hat)
  • After each hole, all 5 scores will be accumulated and compared with the other team(s) that are tied. In the event these scores are the same, and the playoff will continue until a single team remains. Each hole the order of play reverses.
  • To break additional team ties, use the following:
    • Compare 6th man scores from both rounds combined
    • Compare 7th man scores from both rounds combined
    • Compare 8th man scores from both rounds combined
    • Compare 2nd day team total
  • Medalist Tiebreaker Policy for a Single Tournament
    • Tiebreaker hole order – TBD by course pro (order of play will be determined by drawing from hat).
    • Sudden death format – The lowest score(s) will continue to the next hole until there is one player remaining. *In the event no playoff can occur, a scorecard playoff will determine the medalist
  • Scorecard Playoff
    • Compare total scores from the #1 Handicap hole of both rounds combined
    • Continue to compare the next hardest hole in a sudden death format until one player remains

*In the event a team and/or individual is not available to play in a playoff and no other circumstances (such as darkness) prohibits the playoff from occurring, that team/individual forfeits the tiebreaker

** In the event a medalist and team playoff both occur, the individual medalist playoff hole order will be adjusted