How College Golfers Survive Winter Golf

As a New Englander, I share one thing in common with professional golfers alike: our golf season is coming to an end (well, for me, it’s more literal). Darn those dreaded, long New England winters!

So what are some things I’d recommend to maintain sanitary during this long season of golf hibernation?

1. Watch a lot of Golf Channel. You can always rely on Golf Channel to play endless reruns of Tin Cup. However corny you think Costner’s acting is or how terrible his swing looks, you can always rely on that movie to keep your motivation come springtime when you’ll decidedly take a run for that par 5 18th even though it’s surrounded by water. Tin_Cup

2.Whip out that PS3 and go low on Tiger Woods PGA 2014. When you know you’re not capable of playing Augusta let alone any golf course during the winters for that matter, you’ve got your trusty Tiger Woods game. Go on. Shoot that -30 under to win the Masters by 27 strokes. No one’s judging.

3. Find a driving range. Believe it or not, during my time at Holy Cross, I managed to find a covered driving range that opened during the winters. How they managed to collect their balls, don’t know and don’t care. I’m just thankful East Coast Golf in Northborough exists! Warning: Wear lots of Underarmour!

4. Take a vacay! No doubt, the best way to keep that golf swing in motion is to go south or west! And don’t tell me, you don’t have time. College winter breaks are long. Don’t worry, you’ll get to see your parents, but why wouldn’t you want to hit the links down in So Cal, say, in Palm Desert? 100 degrees in December down at Marriott International Shadow Ridge? I’ll take it!

So, fellow New Englanders, there’s hope for us. All is not lost. Be prepared for the cold weather. It’s coming soon...