Golfstat: The 3 stats that matter most in college golf

Golfstat is the company behind tracking the scores and analytics for college golf. Have you ever thought about which stats best indicate successful versus poor college players?

It would be great if all data and statistics could be seen on the Golfstat website, but we have determined the 3 most important stats that we think matter most in college golf are below. Do you agree?

1) Putting average
2) Greens Hit in Regulation
3) Fairways hit

These are definitely only a small sample of all the stats that represent the game of golf. Do you think there are other stats in college golf which Golfstat should track?

Learn more about the NCCGA

The NCCGA is working hard this spring at building our scoring platform to do more stat tracking and analytics for club golf. We want to hear your opinions on the stats our system should automatically calculate, not only to help you understand where your team ranks but also so you can see how you stack up nationally on an individual level. Stay tuned for updates on this technology build out from our CTO Mahesh Murthy.

**Matt Weinberger is the NCCGA Commissioner, and wants to hear your opinions on golf stats we should be tracking. Reach him at