College Golf Fitness for Summer 2013

As students across the country hand in their final papers and exams, an exciting new chapter of golf and relaxation (although perhaps not for those who have an intensive summer internship or laborious job) begins. With a little extra free time and the beaches awaiting us, it's finally time to unveil the NextGenGolf Fitness Section of the College Links Blog. tigersand

For those who don't know, I played varsity college golf at Amherst College and although we weren't tearing up D3 national championships, we nonetheless were a competitive team in the NESCAC.  We had a great fitness coach, and while we didn't do a ton of structured workouts in season, the winters--which are quite long in New England--were laden with workout sessions with Coach Boyko.  Not only was Boyko a skilled trainer and motivator, but he put in the time to design a Golf-Specific training program that emphasized key muscle groups for the golf swing. Core (and yes, pun intended) strategies included pulling-centric weight movements (pull ups were a part of most workouts), abdominal work, leg strength, and an overall commitment to flexibility before, during, and after each workout.

Each week this summer I'll be sharing fitness ideas from my personal experience and leaders in the golf and broader fitness universe that will help you add an extra ten yards off the tee and provide some added confidence to impress that girl or guy you've been had a crush on. If you want to look like Tiger (or at least unleash the Tiger in you), follow our blog and make a concerted effort to stick to the plans we provide and it will pay off for you this summer.

If you play college golf, you know that fitness is crucial. We have some blog articles that would help you add some variety to the fitness packet given to you. Here we have a blog article that features important stretching exercises.

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