Indiana club golf punches their bid to Nationals

Written By: Travis Richardson | @travis_richson

Kevin McEneany wanted to play golf in college. He had offers from some smaller D2 and D3 schools, but after talking with his parents didn't want to sacrifice academics. The business school at Indiana University is one of the best in the country. Kevin was willing to make the sacrifice, but didn't want to give up playing competitively.

That's why having a club golf team was another priority in his school choice.

McEneany reached out over the summer to the club president of the team, requesting more information. The Club President let Kevin know that he was too busy to maintain the club, focusing more on his senior season. Kevin jumped at the chance to take over the club, and received the blessing of the former President.

"It was a bit of challenge being my first year in school," McEneany said. "But everyone has been great. The club is full of great guys."

The NCCGA Fall season the club came in third at both tournaments.Kevin said the club was really just trying to get a feel for the tournaments, and were more prepared entering the Spring season. They also saw a couple new players reach out over the winter asking to join the club, several of which ended up on the "A" team this Spring.

Does your college have a club golf team?

Despite rough weather, the Spring regional season was a rousing success for the Indiana club golf team. They won both tournaments, topping perennial region powerhouses Notre Dame and Indiana.

The Hoosiers have momentum after the regional season, and sit at #8 in the country entering Nationals. Despite it being their first time, they are ready to prove themselves on a big stage.

"We definitely feel we can be competitive," McEneany said. We see the rankings are dominated by the teams in Florida, the ones playing all year long. We are looking to make a big finish."