10 Favorite Golf Team Names from the 2015 City Tour

Written By: Shane Kallas | @nextgolfer

There was no shortage of creativity on the 2015 City Tour, that much was clear from the outrageous golf team names that were submitted during the course of the season (at least of the ones that made it past our censors). Some of the teams were able to back up their team names by qualifying for the City Tour Championship (including our #1 ranked team, which won it all). In light of the 2016 City Tour season beginning this weekend in cities across the country, we wanted to take a look back at our favorite golf team names of the 2015 City Tour season.

Without further ado, here's my ranking of the 10 funniest City Tour team names from last season:

1) Team Slice and Dice (out of Cincinnati)

2) The Dayton Double Bogeys (out of Columbus)

3) Team Grip it and Sip it (out of Atlanta)

4) The Ball Busters (out of Milwaukee)

5) Team Green Monstahs (out of Boston)

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6) The Price is Wrong (out of DC)

7) Team Golf for Grandma (out of Atlanta)

8) Bush is Back (out of New York)

9) Team Rocketballzier (out of New York)

10) Agents (out of Houston)

These were just the ones that made the top 10. Check out the rest of the golf team names of the ones that competed here: full list of City Tour teams.

Think you are more clever? Sign-up your team for the 2016 City Tour and prove it! Pick your team name, your teammates, and hit the course in your city. Top teams get an invitation to the City Tour National Championship in Atlantic City.