City Tour Championship – Northeastern Huskies Team Profile

We wanted to get to know a few of the team captains that have organized and led their team all the way to the City Tour Championship at Cog Hill in a couple weeks. Here was have the Team Captain - Alec Shanahan - of the Northeastern Huskies from Boston.

Q: How did you get involved with Nextgengolf?

A: I have been involved with Nextgengolf all the way back to the beginning when it was CollegeGolfPass. I met Kris Hart through a golfing friend the first summer he started the company and have participated ever since. That first year I helped promote the brand on my campus to my club golf team as well as any other golfers. Our club team at Northeastern began playing in NCCGA events as soon as they began and we started playing the City Tour this year.

Q: How long have you been playing golf?

A: I first had a club in my hands back when I was three, but got more serious when I was about eight. I played junior golf growing up, varsity golf in high school all four years, and club golf at college my entire time there.

Q: What's your favorite course you've ever played?

A: I got to play Pebble Beach back in January which was amazing. The views and course were spectacular, and being able to walk to course I’ve seen on TV so many times was surreal. Certainly a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about the City Tour?

A: Since I just graduated from college, I was excited to still be able to play competitively this summer and going forward even thought I will no longer be a part of the NCCGA. The format is great as well since it brings in more strategy based on what your partner does.

Q: What are you looking forward to about the City Championship?

A: Being able to play Cog Hill is certainly number one. It is on all the Top 100 lists and being able to play through Nextgen is an unbelievable opportunity. Taking a team trip out to Chicago and meeting golfers from around the U.S. is really exciting.

Q: What makes a good Best Ball teammate?

A: The best teammate is someone who can offset your particular style of play. For me that means someone who is consistent and I can count on for a lot of pars out on the course. I can be a little more up and down in my round, but I can add in birdies which will ultimately help us go low.

Q:How did you find your teammates?

A: My teammates are entirely current and former players from the Northeastern club golf team. We have been able to get four to eight people together for each City Tour event and the free agent system has helped fill out our team on certain occasions as well.

Q: What makes your team unique?

A: Our team always likes to have a good time and razz each other when we are out playing on the weekends. Don’t get that confused with our concentration and skill though, because we are coming to Cog Hill to compete and emerge as City Tour National Champions.

Look our for more Team Captain profiles as we get even closer to the City Championship.