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How to get a golf scholarship – An expert’s advice

Getting a golf scholarship can be a long and winding road! High school students often reach out to us and ask about golf scholarships so we sought out an expert on the subject and asked some of the tough question about getting a golf scholarship. Kris Hart from Nextgengolf and the NCCGA interviewed Blaine Lynch,...
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Varsity golf through the NCCGA

Playing NCAA Division 1 golf is a dream for many junior and high school golfers. However, even some of the most talented players in high school are overlooked by recruiters and never have the opportunity to play at that level. Sometimes the timing is simply not right, a change of scenery is needed, or academics...
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Golf Scholarship: Am I good enough?

Every week students reach out to the NCCGA relieved to find out that there is club golf at their school and they do not have to be disappointed if they did not get a golf scholarship. The fact is that getting a golf scholarship is not that easy to do. Since golf teams are very...
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