Golf Jobs for College Students

Working at a golf course is by far the greatest summer job for high school and college students. Golf is a game of respect, integrity, and honesty. Not only do you get to spend your days outside in a beautiful sanctuary that is a golf course, but those working at the course or country club practice those morals too. Along with developing one’s character, working at golf clubs also allows people to develop relationships and make connections to professionals in all fields.

The past three years I have worked in member service at Hillcrest Country Club in Indianapolis. Through my experience I can affirm that I have met members who are doctors, lawyers, and various business owners simply by going to work and serving the members. By getting to know these successful individuals, you learn from their experiences and are often offered advice. By working for these individuals, you make connections to the professional world as well as display your work ethic firsthand. More often than not, members will go out of their way to help out employees if they know they are looking for jobs out of school. Golfing creates bonds between people, and golfers help other golfers out.

With that being said, here is my list of the Best Top 5 Summer Golf Jobs for students:

5. Life Guard

Everyone loves the lifeguards. They represent the pool and symbolize summer fun for kids and adults alike. Although life guard’s work do not work around golf, they still experience the country club and meet a variety of members. Also great for working on the tan.

 4. Sales Rep


Srixon sales rep puts on demo at NCCGA National Championship

It’s not work at a particular country club or golf course, but sales reps have the opportunities to meet golfers from all over. The nature of the job also revolves around selling the product and working on communication, which is imperative in any job field. Whether it’s working at a store like Golfsmith or for a company like Cleveland Golf, sales reps around the country are honing their skills daily.

3. Cart Service

What I like to call "traffic engineers," Cart Service works the member service department. It is there job to make sure the members have everything they need for an enjoyable experience. Although the member interaction is more limited than caddying, cart kids still meet many members and often receive tips as well.

Nextgengolf Student Job Board

2. Pro Shop Assistant

Pro shop jobs are more common among older employees who have generally been a club or course for several years. Here the salary is typically higher than outside staff members. Because they are filled by more experienced workers, they usually already know the members/players. This position allows them to further those relationships

1. Caddy

caddy_Golfjobs_nextgengolfLong member-employee interaction + tips = score

Caddying cannot be beat. It may be the most labor-intensive job, but it pays off because of the people you get to meet and the generous tips caddies often receive. Boys and girls of all ages can caddy. The co-founders of Nextgengolf started out as caddies. That is why it sits atop my list of the Top 5 Best Summer Golf Jobs for Students.

Other notable jobs include beverage cart drivers, greenskeeper assistants, driving range maintenance, and restaurant staff at country clubs. Did I miss any others? Feel free to send me any suggestions on Twitter @NCCGABlog.

***Jack Stephens is the NCCGA Director of Communications. Contact Jack via