Since you can't play for your high school team or college team anymore, representing your company is the next best thing. Whether you're an employee or employer, the Nextgengolf staff is here to help your company get on the course!


Have you thought about getting your company and local businesses to support your City Tour team? Join the trend as teams are being resourceful and getting financial support all while representing their company. Teams are also getting local businesses like restaurants and bars to sponsor their team helping them budget for local tournaments and the City Tour Championship.

Use the How to Get Started section to learn more and get your company involved.

Company Financial Support

Represent your Company

Local Business Support
(restaurants, bars, businesses)

“We love playing City Tour tournaments representing our company, 18Birdies. It’s great to socialize with co-workers and also meet other Bay Area millennials.”



Sponsor your company's team

There are many benefits for employers to start a company City Tour golf team.  Developing team continuity and allowing employees to interact outside of the workplace in a fun, team-based golf event provides these additional benefits below.

Use the How to Get Started section to learn more and get your employees involved

Sponsor your local City Tour

Looking to reach affluent, avid golfers in their 20's and 30's? Become a sponsor of the City Tour on a local or national level. Learn more on how your company can get involved.

Inclusivity & Diversity

Health & Wellness Program Initiatives

Golf Values - Collaboration, Competitiveness, Integrity

The game of golf instills in its players similar types of values that Deloitte looks for in its professionals: collaboration, competitiveness, and integrity. In addition to our client work with the USGA, we also look for ways for our professionals to experience the game. Golf tournaments are a way to not only allow us to connect with young golfers, but also align with Deloitte’s focus on empowered well-being. We are proud to sponsor teams of golfers to play in tournaments, which allow our professionals to refresh and energize, as well as provide the chance to connect with each other, and better understand our dedication to increasing golfer engagement.

Pete Giorgio, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Partner and sports consulting leader
Deloitte Leaderboard

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