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Best Golf Apps You’ll Actually Use

Written By: Kris Hart | @collegegolfguy I wrote an article in January 2016 titled “5 Lessons learned at the PGA Show”, which included a statement stating that there are just too many golf apps out there. Many of which attempt to do the same functions as the other, with only minor improvements over the existing apps. While...
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Which golf personality are you?

Written By: Peter Kratsios | @GolfMatchApp Most avid golfers have a group of buddies they typically play with. The crew you count on every Sunday to be there at 7:30 am, rain or shine. Every group has their own distinct personalities that together create the recipe for a perfect foursome. Which One Are You?

The Meteorologist

The meteorologist is...
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3 steps to find the best golf ball for your game

The average golfer spends a lot of time working on their swing, finding a club that can hit the ball 5 yards further, and getting new wedges annually to put extra spin on the ball. Golfers rarely get fit for the right golf ball and often do not know how to find the best golf...
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What a finish – 2015 US Open reaction

Golf's second major of the year proved more climactic than the first, but the same person came out on top. Jordan Spieth emerged as the 2015 US Open Champion with a 5-under score of 275. The victory is Spieth's second consecutive major victory after the Master's in April, and puts him halfway toward a grand...
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Boston Golf: Rich History, but Often Over-looked

When you think of Boston, Massachusetts, often what comes to mind is the Founding Fathers leading the revolution and Boston greats David Ortiz and Tom Brady leading our teams to Championships. However, people may not realize that Boston golf also has a rich history. Many are unaware of Boston’s historic roots in the history and growth...
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Houston Golf: 5 Things Millennials Should Know

When golfers think of hot-spots around the country, Houston golf often gets over looked. Houston, however, has more to offer than you think, especially for Millennial golfers. Between a vast number of courses surrounding the city, different golf opportunities, and year round access, every golfer needs to start planning their weekend get away to Texas....
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5 Reasons New Balance Golf Shoes are Awesome

Although New Balance golf shoes have been re-released over the last couple years, most people still beg the question, New Balance has golf shoes? Most of us know New Balance for their exceptional running shoes as well as the white shoes my dad gets two pairs of every Christmas. In my opinion, New Balance has...
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Golf DC: More Variety Than You Think

Where else in the country can you play a USGA tournament-quality golf course spread across a former federal maximum security prison to enjoying breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains? Where can you play across Civil War battlegrounds or walk alongside the Potomac River? Where can you you play on either active military bases or Trump...
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Francis Ouimet: America’s First Golfing Hero, Part 2

Francis Ouimet was cut from a different cloth than the typical aristocratic gentleman teeing it up in the early 1900's. While golf has become more of a common man's game over the past century, when Francis was breaking onto the scene, golf was truly a rich man's game. Read more